How to install your wall hanging ''Hideout Clock''

1.  Place the clock movement and rubber washer inside with the battery down.  Put on the brass washer and large nut and snug it up so the movement stays in place.  

2.  Temporarily install the longer "minute hand" and turn the wheel on the movement to position the "minute hand" on the 12.  Remove the "minute hand".

3.  Position the clock and measure from the ceiling to the clock top.  Drill a pilot hole 3" lower than the clock top.  Screw the clock back to the wall and position it level.  Then drill the lower pilot hole and install the other screw.  If no stud, use the toggle screws.  Measure and drill both holes.  Put screws throught the clock back and thread the toggles on.  Pop the toggles through the holes and tighten.

4.  Install the short "hour hand" pointing up at the 12.  Install the longer "minute hand" and small nut.  The "minute hand" should also be on the 12.  Install the "second hand".  Install battery and set clock.



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