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Conceal Handguns , Pistols or Revolvers ! $9 ships any order including multiple book purchases to anywhere in the USA !

Every handgunhideout is made in the USA from an actual book. provides hollow books for handgun concealment made by cutting real books.  We offer a wide variety of recycled books with hundreds of different titles available.  Our gun hiding books keep pistols or revolvers hidden and available.  A "concealed carry holster" for your home.  Unlike mass produced fake hollow books on the market, every handgun hideout book is hand crafted in the USA from a real book.  The pages are cut and bonded together, creating a stable, tactical hiding place for your defense weapon.


 For more information about our gun hiding books contact us. Our experienced team will answer ordering questions or help you choose the size handgun hiding book you need . We look forward to hearing from you .

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10 Sizes, Over 250 Titles ! The Best Pistol Hiding Books Available.
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