Real Hollow Books Concealing Handguns Pistols Revolvers is a small family owned company.  The founder is a handgun enthusiast, CCW license holder, NRA Life Member and inventor.  Only the founder, his wife and two children know the secret process used to make our gun hiding books. 


Every handgunhideout book is hand crafted in the USA from a real book.  The actual pages are cut and bonded together creating a stable tactical hiding place for your defense weapon.  Unlike the mass produced fakes on the market, our pistol hiding books come in many sizes and hundreds of different titles.  Call it our unique way of recycling. 


Handgunhideouts have been displayed at;  Wanenmachers Tulsa Arms Show, Minnesota Weapons Collectors Association Gun Show, Tanner Gun Show in Denver, Colorado, Bob and Rocco Gun Shows in Wisconsin, Trade Show Productions Gun Shows in Des Moines, Iowa and other gun shows.  The reaction is always the same.  Customers are amazed at the unique design, low price, and realism, as well as the high level of quality craftsmanship.  Our hollow books really are the best.  Anyone who receives a book that is not a proper fit can ship it back (at their expense) to exchange it.  We pay to ship the replacement back to you.   Feel free to contact us for more info.  Kindest regards, the handgunhideout staff

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