Handgun Hideouts = Successful Gun Concealment

The following testimonials are from people who have been using handgunhideouts handgun concealing books in their daily lives.  We hope you enjoy shopping at

My home was burglarized last year . I lost thousands of dollars in possessions and firearms . I knew I had to outsmart the next potential burglar and still have my handguns readily available . Handgunhideouts provided the answer and solution . My prized handguns are now instantly available and hidden from thieves . I used to think a handgun safe was the answer until that was stolen too ! Thank You Sincerely , Dave Michaels , Founder of National 1911 Diehards

I can't tell you how pleased I was when I opened your box and saw that "special" book!  Who would ever expect that such a book could produce such an impact....The quality of your work is second to none for sure.  I am so pleased with my first book that I will be ordering more to place in other strategic spots.  Then too, I already have placed information regarding your unique creation..."Handgun Hideouts" on my Facebook site to let my friends throughout the world know about this special item.  Thank you for developing such an invention.       Lee S. Dougherty...Retired Instructor-Kenosha Military Academy

My wife, Joan and I received two handgunhideouts as a gift in 2010.  Joan keeps her 2" Taurus 357 mag in hers.  Her "little book" is a comfort when I am away hunting and fishing.  My 4" double action S&W 38 is tucked away in mine.  We find them to be well made and durable.  The handgun stays in position and is immediately accessable.  What a thoughtful and useful gift our friend gave us.      Roy P. Tokle - WWII Veteran

My husband, NRA Instructor, Gregory D. Olson and I own Sand Creek Firearms Training Center LLC.  We have been using handgunhideouts in our home for several years.  We are thrilled with them, they work great for concealing your gun in your home.  Handguns would be high on the burglars list of stuff to steal, books not so much.  Your handgun is hidden in plain sight.  Our students have purchased them as well and they have always been well received.  What a great idea!      Sharon Olson -

These hidout books are great!  I keep my carry piece on my nightstand.  I had a custom made book to hold my LCP in shoot thru holster.  Its easy to access and nobody knows it's there.  I have another one in the bookcase just in case.  They are also good for putting Jewelry and Money in for safe keeping.  No one would ever think to look in a book.    M. Brady

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